Covid-secure Rehearsal Protocol

We are running in-person rehearsals again, but they are subject to some strict rules. We have worked with the Bridges Centre to make the environment as safe as we possibly can, and there are legal obligations and rules we all must abide by. Here is a summary.

We are allowed no more than 28 singers, so you will need to register before hand through the website. It's first come, first served, so be quick! Track-and-trace information will also be required from people attending rehearsals.


If you feel ill in the days before the rehearsal please do not come. Let us know, so that we may allocate your space to someone else.

When you arrive please keep 2m apart at all times. Arrive at the front door as usual.


Masks must be worn at all times indoors. That even includes when singing. Hand gel will be available as you enter. Please use it.

We will be providing silicone inserts for your own masks to make singing easier. This will be yours to keep, so keep it safe.


Seating is arranged to maintain social distancing. Please sit immediately you arrive and do not mingle. Do not move your chair from its allocated position and please do not change seats.

Refreshments will not be provided and there will not be a refreshments break. Please bring your own water to drink as needed.


Bring your own music. You must not share music with others and we are unable to provide music for you. This term we are working from the Madrigals and Partsongs, and European Sacred Music books.

The fire doors and skylights will remain open throughout the rehearsal to increase the ventilation in the room. Please exit via the fire doors at the end of the rehearsal.


Above all, stay safe and have an enjoyable sing. It will be fantastic to see you all again.

The full text of the briefing is available to members here.
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