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  • Jane

Thanks and news from the Librarian

I know it is the choir holiday but first of all I would like to thank everyone for doing their best to help me track down all the scores.  There were over 200 of them and I am sending them to four different libraries. Some sets came from two different libraries so I ended up with seven piles of music on my lounge floor.

Thank you all for making one bundle of your music after the concert. That was a great help and most of you managed to put your name in each one which was also a tremendous help with those I had to find. It’s surprising how many scores cross over choir members. I had asked so many time that even Steve and Sam had their names in their copy!!  It was interesting to find that some of the Chilcott's numbered P1,P2 etc inside had had their number rubbed out in order to write the name!  Fortunately pencil marks remain after being erased and I was able to match them up with their owner.

Missing scores

I have managed to sort most scores but am missing numbers 3 and 9 of the Chilcott Aesop’s Fables. They aren’t recorded as being issued.  Perhaps someone who wasn’t in the concert still has them. Please could you look and let me know if they are found.

Rubbing out

Thank you, too, to those sympathetic people who offered help with the rubbing out. I couldn’t think of a long enough free time when we could get together so I did it in between jobs and it soon got done. Those who live in St Briavels with me rubbed out their  own and gave them to me the next day so that was a few less to do. Besides it was worth it get such a laugh from some of the comments. Most of us had trouble with 'Nobody Knows' as most copies had 1,2,3,4 in every bar. The word WATCH appeared frequently. The best one was WAIT FOR GOD in the VW,  also GOD SPEAKING HERE and BIG BREATH HERE OR EXPIRE!

After looking for my lost scores, have a wonderful summer and I’ll have more scores in September for you to write your names in!

If you prefer to buy your own music

For those who like to buy their own music we are doing:

Bach Magnificat - Barenreiter edition Handel's Coronation Anthems: Zadok the Priest; Let Thy Hand be Strengthened; and The King Shall Rejoice - OUP edition.

Best wishes. Jean