We are always pleased to welcome interest in becoming a new member. If you would like to try singing with us, do come along then after an introductory period all new members will be given a voice assessment which helps maintain the balance of the choir and ensures that they are in the most appropriate sections. New members will be given feedback and then welcomed formally into membership. An initial approach should be to the Membership Secretary Jane Moody whose details are given below.

We are aiming to be the right size, with a good balance of voices, to perform our core repertoire as effectively as we can.

Rehearsals are held at The Bridges Centre, Monmouth from 7.30pm to 9.30pm on Tuesday evenings. Enquiries should be directed by email to the Membership Secretary Jane Moody.

Look out for our ‘Come and Sing workshops, which we hold from time to time to enable singers to join us for a informal half-day session rehearsing a major work – a good opportunity to meet the choir.